🎉 Pic2Card Service Now available on AdaptiveCards Designer

Generate Adaptivecard by Uploading Card Image

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We are excited to share this; finally, the pic2card service is available on https://adaptivecards.io/designer.

Pic2Card helps the new AdpativeCard users to try out the Adaptive card generation by
merely uploading a card image. This further reduces the learning curve needed to develop
adaptive cards using the designer. AdaptiveCard Designer’s whole idea was to help the
card designers to create new cards with ease. Designer provides a WYSIWYG IDE environment
to card developers to create their cards if the template designs don’t fit their requirements.
Here is what team Imaginea wants to pitch in and make this process much easier for the new
AdaptiveCards users by simply upload a card image that you got from the internet or your
designer, upload, and right away grasp your Adaptivecards representation of it.

Go ahead and play with it, and let’s know your feedbacks via Github issues.

How to use this Feature


What’s Pic2Card

Pic2Card converts the image to Adaptivecards card schema. The card generated will
reproduce the image text, color, and font details from the image so that the final card
looks almost similar to the image uploaded to the pic2card service.



We haven’t discussed anything much about its internals till now, here it’s. We have the
state of art ML and other heuristic processing involved to recreate the card from the image.
The entire pipeline is shown below. The two main parts are,

  • The Machine Learning model identifies each element’s bounding boxes that we need to be extracted for the card.
  • The pipeline, which does all the layout setting, property extraction, etc., is based on the ML model output.


This entire pipeline is part of our backend pic2card
service, which is hosted as azure functions. The frontend part of the pic2card
integrates with the AdaptiveCards Designer.

Watch the call here


Try the service, and Let’s know your feedback on github issues.

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