📣 Community Call - November 14, 2019

Ignite Conference recap and a behind-the-scenes look at preparing the presentation

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Welcome to our Adaptive Cards community call series for 2019, the 2nd Thursday of each month. We are excited to provide you with a monthly opportunity to learn about Adaptive Cards in general, how they could be a great tool in your applications and contribute to the evolution of the format and SDKs. Each month, we’ll discuss new features we are bringing to the platform, our roadmap, and listen to your feedback and suggestions.

Agenda for this month’s call, hosted by Matt Hidinger, included the following topics.

Microsoft Ignite conference recap

Earlier this month was the Microsoft Ignite conference, where the team had the opportunity to meet with customers and share the latest on all things Adaptive Cards.

If you were unable to attend in person, be sure to check out the recording of the 45-minute session:

Adaptive Cards: Powering the next generation of contextual user experiences in your apps and Microsoft 365

Matt and Tim on stage delivering the session. Click to watch the presentation

The community call recording covers takeaways from the conference and some thoughts around customer prioritization and focus as we head into 2020.

One of the takeaways was a “SketchNote” by @LuiseFreese, where she masterfully recreates key moments from the presentation in real-time as they are happening!

A Sketch note of the session by Luise Freese

Behind-the-scenes preparing the session

This community call also spent a few minutes sharing a “behind-the-scenes” look at how Microsoft conference presentations come together, starting from the initial pitch, brainstorming demos and announcements, building a story line, and techniques for keeping it all together when you’re on stage and your brain seems to work at 50% capacity 😊.

As always … Help us build what you need

Have a look at the Adaptive Card Feature Portal to keep an eye on what features the team is considering, and vote/submit the features you need.

It takes less than a minute to vote and only requires an email address.

screenshot of product board feature list

Watch the call here.

Resources from this month’s call

Next month’s call will be held on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 9:00am PST. We look forward to talking to you then! Download a recurring calendar invite here at https://aka.ms/adaptivecardscommunitycall.

Check out the previous month’s call recording on our Office Development YouTube Channel

Adaptive Cards feedback channels

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